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High Speed Internet

  • Download speeds up to 60 Mbps* & No Contract!
  • Upload speeds up to 5 Mbps*
  • Perfect for multiple users and devices
  • 10x faster than 6 Mbps* phone line DSL
  • Security tools and spam blockers


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Mediacom Internet Plans

Plan NamePriceDownload SpeedUpload SpeedUsage Allowance
Mediacom Internet 60$39.99/mo60Mbps5Mbps400GB
Mediacom Internet 100$49.99/mo100Mbps10Mbps1000GB
Mediacom Internet 200$59.99/mo200Mbps20Mbps2000GB
Mediacom Internet 500$69.99/mo500Mbps30Mbps4000GB
Mediacom Internet 1 Gig$79.99/mo1000Mbps50Mbps6000GB
* Plus modem rental, installation, activation, Sports/Broadcast Surcharges, taxes& fees

ORDER by phone, please call 1-888-854-1977 Call Center in USA (English/Español)

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Customers in good standing who are not 100% satisfied with any Mediacom service may disconnect during the first 90 days and, upon request, receive a full refund of monthly recurring service and equipment rental fee(s) actually paid. The 90 day satisfaction guarantee covers the delivery of services and any equipment that you rented from Mediacom. It is not a free trial period.
Contact Mediacom about the service problem and allow Mediacom a reasonable time to resolve the problem. If MediaCom can not fix the problem, after a reasonable time, then you may cancel the affected service and receive a refund of the recurring monthly service and equipment charges that you actually paid Mediacom for that service. If you continue to receive other services with Mediacom, the refund will come in the form of a credit first, otherwise you will receive a refund for any remaining amount.

On-Time Guarantee

Mediacom will arrive at your home for an installation or service appointment within the scheduled period, or you will receive a $20 credit off your monthly bill.
Mediacom's commitment to our customers is remarkable. We will handle a repair problem within 24 hours, answer your written inquiries within two business days and make morning and afternoon appointment options available. Furthermore, we pledge to answer your call within 30 seconds on average.

Looking for High Speed Internet Provider?

Cable companies provide internet speeds faster than DSL through the same cables used for cable TV. They use coaxial cable or fiber optic cables. Fiber relies on glass strands to relay digital code and is the fastest cable connection available today.Cable Internet is an excellent choice as a supplier of high-speed Internet. In all tests of speed, stability and quality, high-speed cable Internet service is among the highest in all categories.Compared to other options, the high-speed cable provides a large amount of bandwidth at a reasonable price. And for maximum savings, most cable providers offer discounts by bundling Internet with other services: digital TV and digital phone.

With Mediacom’s always faster internet you’ll experience the true power of the web!

A must for multiple users and devices, you’ll get the speed you need for all your devices, plus with security tools and spam blockers included, Mediacom has you covered.

Mediacom Internet Speed

Mediacom High Speed Internet is a super speedway for home networking and High Speed Internet gaming. Mediacom High Speed Internet automatically includes all of the content, security tools and features, and also includes WiFi.A must for multiple users and devices, you’ll get the speed you need for all your devices, plus security tools and spam blockers included, Mediacom has you covered.Mediacom Communications offers its most popular speed at 60 Mbps.

Is 60 Mbps fast enough? Yes it is. Most USA families can be satisfied with speeds of 25 Mbps.Video streaming and online gaming are the most demanding Internet speed applications. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and other video content providers, says you need 5 Mbps to stream HD content. The same needs apply to online gaming. So, you do the math: 60 Mbps will allow up to 10 users on different devices video streaming and/or online gaming.Now you know how fast 60 Mbps is and you can imagine how fast you'll get if you get 100 Mbps instead.

It's never been this easy to get High Speed Internet!

If you think high-speed Internet service is too complicated or expensive, it's time for Mediacom High Speed Internet. It's our great broadband starter service that gives you a fast, reliable connection to the Internet.Ordering Mediacom Internet Service is easier than ever. You are only three steps and less than three minutes from getting the service you want:

1- Enter the address on the website form. For your convenience you do not need to enter your city as we will get it from your zip code.Add the service you want to the shopping cart. Select the services by clicking on “Internet”, “Video”, “Phone”, and/or “Bundle” tabs and by adding the specific plan to the cart.

3- Checkout by filling the form with your contact information and completing the order.You will receive a call within 48 hrs. to schedule the installation at your convenience.

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  • We do not sell, share, trade, or rent your personal information to third parties.
  • We hate spam as much as you do.
  • Your Email is collected only to facilitate the ordering process and customer support.

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